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Laura Maclean


LauraheadaboutTo me, music, words, and writing grant freedom of expression. As a latchkey kid with no siblings, my imagination and self-expression remained unchecked in an empty apartment. We became good friends. Our audience was imaginary.

My mother used to say “If it starts getting dark on your way home, walk down the middle of the street. No one’s going to bother you under the street lights.” Good advice. I felt comfortable and safe under the lights and just as much on the stage. I was trained in opera up in Boston, but it rang untrue to me and I wanted to sing about stuff that was happening ‘today’, twenty+ years ago. In NYC it took a while to change out of opera training into studio singing but I managed, and I auditioned for labels and rock bands, and projects that took me to Europe, Japan, New Zealand and the Black Sea.

I had dabbled in writing but didn’t get serious until a mentor from Nashville listened to my songs. Songwriting turned out to be a lifesaver. It was a pile of colorful puzzles that gave me answers I didn’t know I needed and that brought stories from people around me to life, with a twist. So this is me. I’m a singer and a song-writer. I live in New York. I met and worked with some pretty great people here and toured with my music overseas. Now, I’ve pushed the re-set button and I’ve moved into acting, print and voiceover work. I’m working on camera. I’m studying at HB studio, and I’m doing improv. But the underlying thing that stays the same is I’m a storyteller. And that’s a good thing. Like an old comfortable sweater that will always remain a favorite.

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